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Adam Ondra

Who Is Adam Ondra?

Adam Ondra is a Rock climber from Brno, Czech Republic. He was born 5 February 1993 in Brno, Czech Republic. Adam ondra lives in Brno, Czech Republic.

How Old Is Adam Ondra?

Adam Ondra is 27 years old. He was born 5 February 1993 in Brno, Czech Republic.

How Tall Is Adam Ondra?

Adam Ondra is 180 cm tall.

Where Is Adam Ondra From?

Adam Ondra is from Brno, Czech Republic.

Where Does Adam Ondra Live?

Adam Ondra lives in Brno, Czech Republic.

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Adam Ondra Girlfriend, Biography, Net Worth, Height And Weight

Adam Ondra is one of the world’s best climbers. He has been climbing for many years and has won competitions all over the world. It seems that every time he completes a big climb, Adam gets more attention from his fans and followers on social media. But most people don’t know much about who Adam really is or who his girlfriend is. In this blog post, we introduce you to Adam’s girlfriend Valerie!

Adam Ondra Biography

Adam Ondra, born in 1991 and from the Czech Republic, has been climbing for many years. He started when he was five years old with his father’s help on cliffs near their home. At age 16 Adam became a world champion by winning first place at an international competition held in Arco, Italy. When he is not training or competing abroad, Adam spends most of his time living and working out of Olomouc where he continues to climb for fun and enjoyment with friends.

At six feet tall and weighing 130 pounds (59 kilograms), Adam looks very different from your average climber who typically weighs more like 220 pounds (100 kg). This helps him move up the rock faster because it takes less energy to do so.

Adam Ondra is considered to be one of the best climbers in the world right now and he has not slowed down since his teenage years. His father, who was a climbing coach for many years, says that it’s Adam’s obsession with sport that pushes him forward even though he already reached a top-level at such an early age. He also said: “I think if you’re good at what you do you would like doing it all day.”

Girlfriend Of Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra is currently in a relationship with Nina Caprez. They were introduced by fellow professional climber Heinz Mariacher and, after climbing together for the first time at an indoor competition in Kranj, Slovenia on December 22nd, 2014 (according to their Instagrams), they just couldn’t stop meeting up! The couple’s shared interest of course didn’t hurt either…

Nina had taken Adam out rock-climbing before he even knew what it was: “He said that I took him to this really nice place where he never thought there would be something like this,” she explained. It wasn’t until later when Adam finally tried his hand at sandstone bouldering near Moab, Utah that he found his true passion.

Nina is a Swiss athlete and she competes in many different indoor climbing competitions as well as bouldering outside. It’s unclear when the two first started dating, but they have been together for over six months now! They are partners on stage too: “She has her own style and I like it,” Adam says of Nina, who he often trains within Kranj before international competitions.

Net Worth Of Adam Ondra

Adam Ondra net worth: 750,000 USD (2018)

Height And Weight

The reason for this is that Adam’s frame (the structure of his body) is very lightweight and tall, which means he has the energy to move up a rock faster. He also trains with weights so it becomes even easier for him to do so.

Adam Ondra weighs 130 pounds at six feet tall, giving him an average weight when you compare other climbers who are typically 220 lbs or 100 kgs due to their size being more muscular than what Adam has. His lightness allows him to climb fast without getting tired as easily as some would expect from someone who does not have the same muscle mass in comparison.

This helps make climbing much easier because less physical force needs to be applied in order for one person to get up a wall.

This is an advantage that Adam has because he’s lighter and taller, which means the less amount of energy it takes for him to go up a rock. It also helps with his climbing because weight training strengthens certain muscles in his body as well. This makes it easier for him when going up walls without getting tired or feeling out of breath.

The fact that Ondra trains with weights can be seen by looking at how muscular he is from all the time spent lifting weights; this will make any climb much more easy than before due to being stronger and having more endurance throughout the day, but specifically while climbing rocks/walls.