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Quick Facts & FAQ About Alaa Zalzali – The Details

Alaa Zalzali

Who is Alaa Zalzali?

Alaa Zalzali is a Singer from Tyre, Lebanon. He was born 18 October 1969 in Tyre, Lebanon.

Singer Alaa Zalzali is a very famous singer in Lebanon and in the Middle East. He rose to fame in the Arab world when he took part in the Arab Idol competition on the MBC Network in the Middle East, where he did very well. He became so famous that he has now performed in concerts in the Middle East and has many fans. He has an older and a younger sister. He used to live in Lebanon but now he lives in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. His family is very supportive of him and they have supported him throughout his career. Alaa Zalzali is very popular in the Lebanese community in Dubai. He writes all of his own songs and will be releasing an album soon.

How old is Alaa Zalzali?

Alaa Zalzali is 51 years old. He was born 18 October 1969 in Tyre, Lebanon.

Where is Alaa Zalzali from?

Alaa Zalzali is from Tyre, Lebanon.