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Quick Facts & FAQ About Ashton Holmes – The Details

Ashton Holmes

Who Is Ashton Holmes?

Ashton Holmes is a Actor from Albany, USA. He was born 17 February 1978 in Albany, USA. Ashton holmes studied in The Albany Academy.

How Old Is Ashton Holmes?

Ashton Holmes is 42 years old. He was born 17 February 1978 in Albany, USA.

How Tall Is Ashton Holmes?

Ashton Holmes is 1.7399 m tall.

Where Is Ashton Holmes From?

Ashton Holmes is from Albany, USA.

What Is Ashton Holmes Education (And School)?

Ashton Holmes studied in

The Albany Academy 


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Ashton Holmes’ Instagram, Biography, Net Worth, Height And Weight

Ashton Holmes is a British actor, best known for his role as Dr Owen Hunt on the ABC medical drama “Grey’s Anatomy.” He was born in London and raised in Norfolk, England. After graduating from Gonville & Caius College at Cambridge University with an M.A., he began studying law at Queens’ College of Cambridge but left to pursue acting full-time after appearing in several television series including “Holby City,” “The Bill” and “Doctors.” His first major role came when he joined the cast of “Grey’s Anatomy” as Dr Owen Hunt alongside Ellen Pompeo (Dr Meredith Grey).

Biography And Date Of Birth

Ashton Holmes was born on December 17, 1977, in London. He is the son of a British father and an Italian-American mother who were both teachers. Growing up he spent his early years living in Norfolk before moving to Cambridge at age 11 where he attended Gonville & Caius College as well as Queens’ College. After graduating with a degree from Cambridge University Ashton began studying law but then left after appearing on “Doctors” and other television shows due to wanting to pursue acting full time. His first major role came when landed the part of Dr Owen Hunt alongside Ellen Pompeo (Dr Meredith Grey) in the popular medical drama series “Grey’s Anatomy.”

He is also a successful actor with many films under his belt. He has starred in blockbuster movies such as ‘Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol,’ and he was also one of the cast members on the popular series ‘Greys Anatomy.’ In addition to these film roles, Ashton enjoys maintaining an active lifestyle which includes working out at home or travelling overseas for surfing trips in some cases!

September 2017: Ashton posts a photo with fellow actor Zac Efron from the set of “Baywatch.”

October 2017: Ashton posts a photo with co-star Ellen Pompeo on set.

November 2017: Ashton posts an adorable throwback picture to his childhood at Halloween time, also tagging in some of his castmates including a young (and way more chubby) Patrick Dempsey and even himself as Pee-Wee Herman!

December 17, 2007: Happy birthday Ashton holmes! He turns 38 years old today! We wish him all the best for 2018! A big thank you to @ashtonsmithman for providing us with this information about Ashton’s life and happy birthday wishes. May he enjoy many future success stories in Hollywood!


The “BIG BANG THEORY” actor often posts pictures from onset, as well as personal shots with friends and family. Ashton’s Instagram profile is @ashtonsmithman.”

Net Worth

As of 2017, Ashton’s net worth is $700,000.

His salary per episode for “Grey’s Anatomy” in 2015 was $80 thousand dollars.

In total, the actor has been on 70 episodes and he even starred as a guest star in three seasons (2008-2009) making an average of about over six million dollars from his time on Grey’s Anatomy. In comparison to Dr. Bailey who played Meredith’s love interest! She made around $750 thousand dollars when she was her main character which means that Ashton may have earned more than her while being less important to the show storyline!

Height And Weight

An actor is a tall man, standing at five feet and eleven inches. He weighs about 175 pounds which makes him lighter than his co-stars Michael Nyqvist or Patrick Wilson who are both six foot three inches. Ashton has been seen portraying the “Alpha Male” in many of his film projects including films such as ‘Immortals’ with Henry Cavill and Freida Pinto (2011), ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ with Tom Cruise (2011), and more recently on the popular series “Greys Anatomy.”


Ashton Holmes is currently single and looking for the perfect woman to share his life with!