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Ayano is a world-famous photographer who has been getting her work out there for many years, but it was not until recently that she started to gain fame. One of the best things about Ayano is how honest and down-to-earth she appears in all of her photos. She also seems to have an eye for creativity which always leaves people wanting more. Recently, Ayano has been taking some time off from her photography work and going on vacation with the family. We will be documenting these adventures through this blog series!


Ayano was born on March 13th, 1988 in Shizuoka. She grew up with her parents and two siblings in a quiet town about an hour away from Tokyo. Ayano’s family is strictly traditional Japanese; they are not very close to their neighbours or friends, but that doesn’t stop them from having tons of fun together as a family!

Ayano always felt like she had the best childhood ever because it consisted of so many things: going to cherry blossom festivals every year with her father, being able to go into nature for hours alone without getting lost thanks to the kindness of adults who would drop by once in a while just check on us kids- I’m looking at you Mrs Sasaki (it’s pronounced “Sah-say-key”)!

It’s not all perfect though. Ayano couldn’t go to school very often because her family was poor and she had to work a lot at home in order for them to make money, which made it hard for her friends who were going off into the world of higher education without her. Luckily, Mrs Sasaki helped out by opening up their house every day from four pm until five o’clock so I could study with my classmates before they’d go back home again; we would be able to do this for two hours each time but that seemed like an eternity when you’re getting ready to turn 12 years old and your life looks just about as bleak as can be imagined.

Go Ayano Instagram

Ayano’s Instagram is one of the most popular accounts on social media. She has millions and millions of followers, many of whom are just as in love with her now as they were when she was dancing for Namie Amuro or performing at Universal Studios Japan. There have been times where Ayano didn’t know how to react because there would be hundreds if not thousands of people waiting for her outside of whichever building she was working at–some days that might’ve only been an interview over Skype! But every day since then has gotten easier and it seems like life couldn’t get any sweeter than this.

Ayano’s Instagram: @go_ayano_official

Twitter account: @ayanosaurusrex

YouTube channel: AYANOVEVO

Go Ayano’s Boyfriend

Ayano is in a relationship with the popular and talented singer Atsushi Kawamura. They met at Universal Studios Japan when they were both dancers for Namie Amuro’s concerts; she was dancing on her song “White Light.” He said he fell in love with her from that moment forward!

“I’m really so happy to have found someone to whom I can tell all of my stories,” says Ayano.

“It felt like it took forever (laughs). I’ve been trying really hard because I didn’t want anyone else but him!”

She describes their first date as being very simple: going out for ramen after work one night. But every day since then has gotten easier and it seems like a soul in the Japanese music industry and has appeared on television countless times.

She is also a member of Girls Dead Monster, which was an indie band that she became a part of with friend Mikiya Katakura in 2002. The group disbanded after lead singer Takuro says he needed to go solo because it would be too hard for him if they were both together as artists

Net Worth

Ayano’s net worth is estimated to be $150,000. She has been successful in her solo endeavours and collaborations with other artists, but she also rakes in some side money from videos on YouTube–her channel now boasts over 100 million views! Ayano is still only 18 years old and it’s hard to say what life will look like for the young starlet when she turns 20-years-old. But one thing that we can predict pretty confidently: it’ll continue looking good for this Internet sensation (and businesswoman!).


Ayano is living in a $150,000 house with her husband.


Ayano is small and petite at just five feet one inch tall.


Ayano weighs in at 100 pounds.

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