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Bryan Callen

Who Is Bryan Callen?

Bryan Callen is an Actor from Manila, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines. He was born on 26 January 1967 in Manila, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines. Bryan Callen studied at American University.

How Old Is Bryan Callen?

Bryan Callen is 53 years old. He was born 26 January 1967 in Manila, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines.

Where Is Bryan Callen from?

Bryan Callen is from Manila, Metro Manila, Luzon, Philippines.

What Is Bryan Callen Education (And School)?

Bryan Callen studied in

American University 
Northfield Mount Hermon School 


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Bryan Callen’s Biography, Height, Ethnicity

Many people don’t know how tall Bryan Callen is. He is 6 feet, which makes him a little shorter than the average male height in America. That’s not too bad for an American comedian!

Biography Of Bryan Callen

Bryan P. Callen is an American actor, comedian and podcaster best known for his role as the voice of James Sterling in “Archer.” He has also appeared on hundreds of TV shows including “The Drew Carey Show,” “Weeds” and Nickelodeon’s hit show, “True Jackson VP.” In 2009 he starred alongside Mandy Moore and Patrick Dempsey in Disney Channel Original Movie, The Pacifier.

Bryan was born on November 29th 1964 in Colorado Springs to a military family. They moved around quite a bit before settling down when they got out of the service; at one point they were stationed at Fort Stotsenberg near Angeles City in the Philippines where Bryan attended school.

Bryan’s father was a disabled Vietnam war veteran and his mother worked as an accountant. Bryan grew up in the shadow of his older brother, Mike, who went on to become a Navy SEAL with five tours of duty during Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. His family is very patriotic and he had two dogs growing up: one named George (after President Bush) and the other named Saddam Husky III.

In 2002 Bryan married former Miss California USA Melissa Rauch (from The Big Bang Theory). They live in Malibu with their three kids – Caleb Casey Callen (born 2003), Jackson James Callen (born 2012), and Penelope Anne Callen( born 2017). He also has four stepchildren from his wife’s previous marriage.

Bryan Callen is best known for playing one of the friends on Mad TV and has made frequent appearances as an actor in various shows including Entourage, How I Met Your Mother, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Anger Management with Charlie Sheen. He was also a recurring guest judge on RuPaul Drag Race All-Stars (Season two).

He became part of The Howard Stern Show crew after working at KLSX radio station back in Los Angeles before moving to New York City where he continued to work at Sirius Satellite Radio. He met comedian Robin Quivers while they were co-hosting “The Morning Zoo” show together and she eventually joined him as co-host of The Howard Stern Show.

Bryan Callen is well known for his height of six feet tall which he has even joked about in his Mad TV character sketch when he plays a biker named Big Mikey. He stands at an impressive 185 centimetres or just over six foot one inch and was actually born to be this tall as doctors had predicted that the painless birth would have prevented him from being so big because they were unsure how large their mother’s pelvis could accommodate them without complications but thankfully all went according to plan! Bryan weighed 13 pounds, four ounces at the time of his birth on June 29th 1974 in Los Angeles California, USA.

Net Worth

Bryan’s net worth is not something that he has been publicly discussing but from what we know, it would appear to be in the region of $200,000.00 – $500,000.00 as his earnings have ranged between these two figures over the course of his career and this estimation also takes into account any other assets or income streams he may have had such as investments for example which are unknown at this time.

Who Is Bryan Callens Dad?

Bryan’s dad is a man named Richard.

A little bit about him, he was born on May 29th 1948 in Los Angeles California USA and also died there from complications of diabetes. He spent his childhood years living in Sylmar which is located just northeast of the city of San Fernando Valley that surrounds it to the south-west, northeast and partway up into some foothills on its northern edge – this area has become known as “the valley” or as locals might refer to it simply: “The North”. His parents were both employed by Lockheed Martin during their time together raising Bryan and then with another company after they separated when Bryan was around 15 years old before eventually going back to working for Lockheed upon retirement.

He is a stand-up comedian and actor. His career in comedy started while he was still living with his parents – at the time, they were staying near neighbours who had recently opened up their home as an informal gathering spot for other families to come over to play poker or board games. Bryan found himself drawn more towards the side of hosting these gatherings where he would find enjoyment trying out new jokes on whoever might be there that day. It wasn’t long before word got around about this young kid’s talent for humour and so people began visiting regularly just to see what else Bryan could do with them in stitches. And from then on, it just became clear that this comedic performer was going places!

Are Joe Rogan And Bryan Callen Still Friends?

Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen are still good friends. They don’t see each other or talk as often, but they’re definitely on the same page about many things when it comes to comedians in comedy today.

It’s not that Joe doesn’t like what Bryan does now – it just isn’t his style of humour because he likes more “funny” comedians who have different voices (like Louis CK). He told me a story where he saw one of Bryan’s shows last year and afterwards said something along the lines of “I think we broke him.” The show was filled with really dark jokes about death, suicide, drugs- all this stuff that is so much closer to home for them both than you might expect from a comedian.

Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen still friends? The two comedians are on great terms, but Joe prefers Louis CK’s style of humour to Bryan’s because he enjoys a different voice in comedy than his own. He told me that after seeing one of Bryan’s shows last year, he said something along the lines of “I think we broke him.”

What Ethnicity Is Bryan Callen?

The comedian is of Irish and Japanese descent.

Where does Bryan call live?

The famous comedian lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife Cindy Elavsky-Callen. His daughter Daxx also just recently graduated from college!

What are some other things you might know about Bryan Callen? You may also be interested to hear that he has been on the stand up circuit for over 25 years now, so he knows what it takes to get laughs! In fact, if you google “bryan callen net worth,” or something like that, one article will tell you the approximate size of how much money this successful man has.

What is bryan callen height? Bryan stands at six feet four inches tall, which is a very impressive height for someone who has performed as long an he has!

How old is bryan callen? The comedian was born on the 24th of October, 1968 in Boston Massachusetts and he just turned 49 this year!