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Cassey Ho

Who Is Cassey Ho?

Cassey Ho is a Video blogger from Los Angeles. She was born 16 January 1987 in Los Angeles. Cassey ho lives in Union City.

How Old Is Cassey Ho?

Cassey Ho is 33 years old. She was born 16 January 1987 in Los Angeles.

Where Is Cassey Ho From?

Cassey Ho is from Los Angeles.

Where Does Cassey Ho Live?

Cassey Ho lives in Union City.

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Cassey Ho’s Boyfriend, Biography, Net Worth, Height And Weight

Cassey Ho, the fitness and dance guru on YouTube, has been dating her boyfriend for over a year now. They met in college during one of her lectures while she was teaching a class on physical therapy. He is currently studying to be an orthopedic surgeon and they are still going strong!


Cassey Ho grew up with her two sisters in Southern California. Her father is of Chinese descent and her mother is Italian-American. She went to UCLA where she majored in sociology but also took dance classes at the university’s theatre department. The summer after graduation, Cassey decided to teach a series of exercise videos on YouTube for fitness enthusiasts who needed an extra push before starting their workout routines each day – this was Fitness Blender!

In 2011, Cassey met Jackie Chang while teaching one of her lectures on physical therapy during college orientation week. They fell madly in love when they saw each other again weeks later at a party thrown by mutual friends and have been together ever since! In addition to being an orthopedic surgeon in Orange County, Jackie has a great sense of humour and he’s the best guy Cassey could have ever found.

In September 2014 at her 25th birthday party, she announced that they are engaged to be married! They plan on getting married next year in 2017 after their wedding invitations go out.

Cassey Ho’s Boyfriend

Cassey had been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Justin Yuchen Liu. But the two of them recently separated and Cassey has said that she is now single again.

The former couple met on Tinder and went to Chinese school together when they were younger before finally going on a date after high school graduation. They dated for three years total before splitting up earlier this year.

It’s unclear what caused their breakup as the pair never publicly stated anything about it until Cassey announced it through an Instagram post last week where she said: “I am so grateful for all you’ve done but I know our time together has come to end.” Now there are rumours swirling that Justin may have cheated on Cassey or he wanted marriage and kids and Cassey wasn’t ready for that.

This is not the first time Casey has been in a high profile breakup as she famously dated another Youtube star, Tyler Oakley, while they were both still teenagers before breaking up after six years of dating — but it doesn’t seem like Casey’s relationships are going to last her much longer than two or three years at most.

Now her current boyfriend’s name is Sam Livits.

Net Worth

It is estimated at $6 million.

She is one of the most followed fitness instructors in the world with more than 15 million people following her on social media, and she has a YouTube channel that reaches over ten million subscribers. Cassey also makes hundreds of thousands of dollars for each sponsored post or video she puts out about products from various companies. She owns two clothing lines called Cazwell Apparel Co., which features fashionable workout clothes; and Pop Fit Clothing, where you can find trendy leggings and activewear made just for women who are shorter than five foot three inches tall (her height).

Her immense success helped her earn an estimated $400 thousand a year as well as having ownership stakes in other successful businesses.


Cassey is five foot three inches tall, which she says can be a disadvantage in the fitness world. She has to do more squats and lunges than most people because her legs are shorter. To combat this issue, Cassey created pop fit clothing so that short women with big goals have clothes made for them! “I want every woman out there who’s never been able to find workout wear before now,” Cassey said of the company. “No matter what size or shape you are.”


Cassey Ho weighs 110 pounds. She says she has a “less-is-more” philosophy and maintains her figure by regularly drinking water, eating healthy foods like fruits and vegetables, doing regular workouts with pop-fit clothing for women who are shorter than five foot three inches tall (her height).