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David Goggins

Who Is David Goggins?

David Goggins is a Marathon runner from Buffalo, Erie County, New York, USA. He was born 17 February 1975 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York, USA.

How Old Is David Goggins?

David Goggins is 45 years old. He was born 17 February 1975 in Buffalo, Erie County, New York, USA.

Where Is David Goggins From?

David Goggins is from Buffalo, Erie County, New York, USA.

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David Goggins is an American ultramarathoner. He has been a US Marine and a member of the US Armed Forces. David also used to work as a high school teacher in Dallas, Texas. In 2010 he had his first marathon which was the New York Marathon that year. His time for this marathon was three hours and forty-nine minutes which is pretty impressive! After running the New York Marathon he decided to become an ultramarathon runner. This decision came about because watching multiple documentaries on people who were living with cancer, HIV/AIDS, or other chronic health conditions while still managing difficult life circumstances such as poverty or long-term unemployment, inspired him to create his own difficult life circumstances.

David began his training with a twenty-mile run and continued to grow it from there. In 2015 he did another marathon which was the Chicago Marathon that year, but this time he completed it in three hours and twelve minutes! If you’d like to see some of David Goggins ultra-marathons then I recommend checking out YouTube for some videos or just searching on Google!

So far we have discussed how David has been an American ultramarathoner who also used to work as a high school teacher in Dallas, Texas before becoming an ultramarathon runner. He had his first marathon which was the New York Marathon that year where he got a pretty impressive time of three hours and twenty-seven minutes! But this isn’t where Goggins stops, he has also competed in a number of ultramarathons throughout the world and it just goes to show how great an athlete he is.


David Goggins has over 200,000 followers on Instagram and one of his most popular posts is a video where he can be seen finishing the 2013 Badwater Ultramarathon in third place. This was an impressive feat as it is known to be the toughest footrace on earth with its 135-mile course that includes everything from sand dunes to snowfields! But this wasn’t even close to being David’s best race. That year at Burning Man he ran 250 miles through Death Valley -yes- you read that right-250 MILES!!! Alongside one other runner who joined him for much of the journey, they also had two jeeps carrying them with food and supplies along the way so they didn’t die out there.

His Instagram is @davidgoggins.

Net Worth

David Goggins has an estimated net worth of $60,000.

The most expensive thing that David owns is his Tesla Model X which he bought for around $120,000. He also spends a lot on hotels and flights to get to races all over the world – but you can’t really put a price on fulfilling your dreams!

Height And Weight

David Goggins is a tall guy with an athletic build that weighs about 230 pounds.

He says he feels more like 175-180 because he’s not carrying around all the weight of his organs, as most people do when they are at this size. He also has a really low body fat percentage which means it doesn’t take much for him to maintain his ideal weight. His height and weight make him stand out in races but David attributes these things to genetics – and no one can change their genes!


David Goggins has been happily married for over a decade. His wife is the love of his life and he says she’s one of the most beautiful women in the world! He also credits her with being supportive during difficult times and for providing him with unconditional support.

He loves spending time at home, watching TV or taking walks to experience nature which helps him come up with new ideas – sometimes good ones too!