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Quick Facts & FAQ About Jung Hae-In – The Details

Who Is Jung Hae-In?

Jung Hae-in is an Actor from Seoul, the Empire of Japan, South Korea. He was born 1 April 1988 in Seoul, the Empire of Japan, South Korea. Jung hae-in studied at Pyeongtaek University.

How Old Is Jung Hae-In?

Jung Hae-in is 32 years old. He was born 1 April 1988 in Seoul, Empire of Japan, South Korea.

Where Is Jung Hae-In From?

Jung Hae-in is from Seoul, Empire of Japan, South Korea.

What Is Jung Hae-In Education (And School)?

Jung Hae-in studied in

Pyeongtaek University 


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Korean Actor Jung Hae In’s Girlfriend, Biography, Net Worth, Height And Weight!

Korean Actor, Jung Hae In’s girlfriend is a mystery. The 24-year-old star has managed to keep her love life private for the last few years and it’s been difficult to find any information on his partner. With an increasing number of celebrities in Korea revealing their partners through social media, many are wondering if the Actor will soon follow suit or not?

Biography Of Jung Hae In

Born in Seoul, South Korea on September 27th, 1990 to a family of Actors. Jung Hae In is the only daughter of Actor and actor Shinhwa member Lee Min Woo. He made his entertainment debut under FNC Entertainment with the release of the single “Nightmare” which was released on January 17th, 2017. The song peaked at number three on Gaon’s Digital Chart and became Jung’s first top ten hit in Korea after topping charts for six weeks straight. His fanbase has steadily grown since then due to his bubbly personality and charmingly sweet voice that has been well received by fans all over Asia as he tours regularly across Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore & Malaysia.”

In recent years, Jung Hae’s girlfriend has been able to establish himself as a solo artist not only in Korea. He released his debut EP, I’m Fine on September 27th 2017 and has since performed at various festivals such as the Mnet Asian Music Awards and Showcase Asia Singapore.

Jung Hae In is also known for being an actor who was cast in C-JeS Entertainment’s television drama “Lovely Horribly” which aired from November 13th 2018 until January 24th 2019. His character, Jin Sung Ho, had viewers hooked with each episode of this romantic comedy thriller that included Jung’s voice singing some of his songs along with him playing the guitar.”

Is Jung Hae In A Relationship?

Jung Hae In is in a relationship with a Korean celebrity who has been identified only by her surname. They have dated for five years as of December 2018 and she works in the entertainment industry but she hasn’t revealed what job it is that she does, or even if she’s active at all.”

The girlfriend made appearances with Jung in various concerts such as his ‘2015 Live Concert’ which took place on January 31st 2015 where he sang some of his songs alongside this unnamed girl.”

In June 2016, we had seen them together when they were invited to a Philippine showbiz event named after Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach called “Miss Universe Mixer”. This was also said to be their first public appearance together.

In November 2016, they were seen together again at the airport in Incheon and later on that day while attending a fan event for his third studio album.”

There has been an update about their relationship as of December 2018 where it was revealed by Korean media outlet Dispatch,”

“Dispatch has released photos which show Jung Hae In kissing this mystery woman who is said to be his girlfriend. The girl can be seen wearing a black dress while she’s sitting next to the Actor being hugged tightly from behind.”

Jung Hae In is currently enlisted in the South Korean army but will soon get discharged after 24 months due to bone fractures he sustained during military training back when he joined. We can only hope that these two still has the same strong relationship despite the distance.

Net Worth

Jung Hae In is one of the most popular Korean actors in South Korea. His popularity has increased over time because he’s very talented, better looking, and humble with his fans. He also became a military soldier for 24 months before getting discharged due to bone fractures sustained during training when he was enlisted but it didn’t take long for him to stand back on stage again after recovering from his injuries.

Base salary $12 million annually (Source: Forbes)   +$250K per endorsement deal yearly (source: Forbes) = Estimated Net Worth $14 Million as of April 2019

There have been some reports stating that Jung Hae In’s net worth may be higher than what we can say based on these figures alone.

The reason why his net worth may be higher is that he has been on numerous TV shows in South Korea and also starred as the lead actor in a few movies.

Height And Weight

Jung Hae In is 182 cm or approximately six feet tall and his weight as of April 2019 has been reported to be 65 kg.

He is active on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and also YouTube where he posts videos about how to make Korean dishes like spicy chicken stew (김치 찌겠다). He seems so personable in the way that he interacts with his fans online.